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Meet The Girls: Barbara McBurnout


Let's talk about competition really quickly. A lot of you may be having "me too" girls pop up in your town. You know the ones that live by the "I can make anything! Shirts, hats, rocket ships and even submarines!! AND I sell it 75% less then my competition!!!" motto. But guys. Trust me. She is NOT your competition! She is Barbara McBurnout and she will not last!

Even if she does stick around for longer than you would like, do not let her effect your business and do not let her set your mindset each day. Yes, she's annoying. Yes, it's okay to silently want to punch her in the ankle. But guess what?? The man upstairs knows what you need! Has he let you down this far? No? Okay. So don't worry about what she does. Her standards of quality items and lack of expertise will come through to her market and you will be the one left standing!

I said in the 2017 HoopMama Crafter's Calendar and it has been one of MY personal mottos that has helped me grow so much - DO NOT WORRY ABOUT WHAT ANYONE ELSE IS DOING. You're ONLY job is to make sure YOU'RE doing what YOU'RE supposed to be doing and called to do. God and karma will take care of the rest.

In the words of my sweet friend Jessica, "He's never failed me before and he ain't gonna stop this week."

So tell Barbs "bye bye bye" and keep doing what you do. If anything, let her drive you to grow and be better everyday... but do not let her tempt you to lower yourself to her level. She's attracting the "can I get this for free?" people while you're attracting the ones who say "are you sure you're charging enough?" And that's exactly where you want to be. 

You've got this guys. Sending prayers up for anyone who needs a little extra motivation today!