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Boost Sales During The Slow Spring Season

If sales have slowed, or stopped, since Easter... now is the time to evaluate some of your processes. DO NOT GIVE UP or be discouraged. THIS IS NORMAL for this time of year. Now is the time to do some Spring cleaning, refine your marketing, retake pictures, create new products, learn or try something new completely, or plan for the upcoming holidays.

We have Mother's Day, Baseball Season, Graduation, Weddings, Teacher Appreciation, Memorial Day, Last Day of School, Fathers Day, and Dance Recital time all coming up!

Obviously these aren't big holidays like Christmas and Halloween, so you will need to remind your customers of these holidays and events! THEY WILL AND DO FORGET THEM! You WILL have last minute orders and you WILL be stressed out! PLAN NOW! Take pre-orders, do a special discount for ordering early, or maybe even offer a special on multiple holiday purchases.

An example promotion for multiple holiday purchase could be: "Don't forget to order your Teacher Appreciation gifts! And as a special offer from *my boutique,* order by April 23rd and get 10% off your choice of any Last Day of School item in my shop! Both items must be purchased at the same time and paid in full for discount to be honored." Or something like that.

Giving them a date that the special is valid places a sense of urgency to act fast and helps prevent tons of last minute orders. Offering them a discount towards another item that is designated for another occasion, obviously gives them items for TWO events! And chances are, if they use you for two events, they're likely to come back for more! It's really a win- win!

To help you with some ideas for designs to use for the example promotion mentioned above,

HoopMama has released TWO special BUNDLES!

Introducing the Teachers Appreciation Bundle and the Straight Outta School Bundle!

Both bundles include 5 designs in cutting and embroidery files!

And if you order the Teacher bundle by Saturday, April 30th,you will receive an additional $2 off the Straight Outta bundle!

(See what I did there?)

teacher appreciation bundle2

straight outta bundle

Obviously this is just a suggestion, but if you try it... I would love to hear your results!