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Embroidery Mock-Ups Sew What Pro

Since the last blog post, I've been asked a few times how to do the same thing using Sew What Pro (SWP) software for embroidery. I personally haven't used Sew What Pro so I had to dive in a bit to figure it out. BUT! I DID figure it out! If you missed the Mock-Ups Made Easy blog post, that post into more depth of how to actually create the image in PicMonkey.

This post will show you how to convert an embroidery image to a PNG that can be used in PicMonkey for mock-ups. Disclaimer - SWP's ability to do this not nearly as clean of a view as it is with Embird as SWP doesn't have as many viewing options, but it does the job.

If you don't have SWP you can download the free trial here.

Let's get going!

Open your design in SWPScreenshot 2016-02-04 10.34.56

Rotate your image and shrink it down to fit in the frame. (Normally you don't want to shrink embroidery designs, but this is just for an image, so it's okay.)Screenshot 2016-02-04 10.35.13 Screenshot 2016-02-04 10.35.27

Go to "View" and uncheck "Grid Lines" and "Grid Labels" then CHECK "Texture"

Screenshot 2016-02-04 10.35.57

It should look like this:

Screenshot 2016-02-04 10.36.12

NOTE: Some people need to go under “Options” then “Image” then uncheck the “grids” in the jpeg area! I’m not sure why some people have to do it this way since I didn't have to. But if you are seeing gridlines when saving, this should fix it!

You can take this time to change thread colors if you would like. When you're ready, go to "file" "save-as" and choose "PNG" from the drop down list. (PNG and JPG serve the same purpose for what we're needing. So if you choose JPG, that's absolutely fine too)

Screenshot 2016-02-04 10.36.25

If you read the Mock-Ups Made Easy post, then it should be easy to follow along from this point on. If you didn't, I would suggest to read that if you have any questions about the next steps.

Open up your background image and use "overlay" to open this new image that you've saved. It will have a black line around it that we will need to get rid of.Screenshot 2016-02-04 10.37.06

In the overlay box, click the "eraser" tab and go over the black lines in the picture.

Screenshot 2016-02-04 10.37.40

Go back to the "basic" tab and choose "multiply" in the drop down box to make the image transparent. Rotate to fit the shirt, adjust fade if needed, and voila! Screenshot 2016-02-04 10.38.02

Add your watermark and logo and save! The completed image looks like this:

swp image

This should work the same way for other software as well. Most software programs have the option to save as PNG or JPG. Hope this helps!

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