Who Is HoopMama

About HoopMama

“I was just tired of just dreaming dreams… I was ready to chase them.”

I am a wife and mom to a rough and tumbly two-year-old boy who keeps me on my toes at-all-times. My daily routine starts with snuggles, progresses with coffee, and basically ends with chasing my toddler around the backyard. My family and I enjoy going to the park and on walks, but we really love staying home and relaxing. We are not dog people (I know, I know, booooo) but we do have a grumpy old cat that my toddler likes to swing by the tail! We live in Frisco, TX, currently, but are building a new home a few cities over and cannot wait to move in!

I started HoopMama Designs, LLC in 2015 out of the desire to never to return to a “real job” shortly after my son was born. But I also knew that I wanted to contribute to the family income somehow. I’ve always dreamed of owning my own business but I was tired of just dreaming dreams… I was ready to chase them. After a lot of prayer and research, I found my passion in designing embroidery designs. That passion soon grew to the desire to help other moms, like myself, who wanted to leave their corporate jobs and stay home with their children and also to the stay at home moms who needed encouragement to build their own business from their hobby. I absolutely love being able to offer what I have learned along my journey with other women who share a similar story to mine.

          HoopMama Designs, LLC quickly became more than a site for embroidery and cutting designs. It became a community of crafters that empowers and supports each other along the road of entrepreneurship. To say that this journey has been amazing, would be a complete understatement. I’m constantly blessed by the love I receive from the members of the HoopMama Group on Facebook, the e-mails I receive, and the overall feeling of support doing in something that I love so much.

           Whether you craft as a business or as a hobby, my #1 goal is to offer excellent quality products in addition to constant encouragement and support to my fellow crafters. My business has grown dramatically in just a short period of time and it continues to grow constantly. My vision for HoopMama Designs, LLC is to be a place where you can come for your business needs, and also where you can come for a community of inspiration and support from other like-minded women.

          Thank you so much for stopping by, I would love to hear from you and answer any questions you may have! Please connect with me on Facebook or by e-mail jeanna@hoopmamadesigns.com!